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Underarm Whitening


Here at The Beautx, underarm whitening is one of our specialties. Patients in the San Dimas, West Covina, and Pomona areas can benefit from our skin whitening treatments for the underarm and other areas of the body. Finally, feel confident about your underarms!

Underarm Whitening with PicoSure® Pro

The PicoSure® Pro laser uses safe, light energy to remove pigments from the skin. Any unwanted pigment can be easily destroyed, which will remove or lighten it. If you’d like to remove freckles, birthmarks, or brown spots, our talented staff at The Beautx can ensure that you see your desired results safely and effectively.

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Request a Consultation in San Dimas, California

If you feel that this treatment is right for you, please use our Scheduling Form to request a consultation with the beauty experts at The Beautx. We have two locations in the San Gabriel Valley: San Dimas. You can reach us by phone at 909-305-1888.

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